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Technology that makes houses, condos, hotels, hospitals smarter

The intelligence of IOT Smart Automation that can connect various electrical appliances within the project and can be controlled remotely from various IOT Smart Automation devices, making our lives easier and more comfortable. Imagine you are driving back. Home/Condo/Hotel In the summer, instead of having to turn on the air conditioner when you get home and wait for it to cool off. You just use your smartphone to order IOT Smart Automation devices to work, such as watching CCTV, turning on the air conditioner, turning on the lights as needed. of service users want.


Your lifestyle will change when IOT enters your area. Convenience, speed, safety, energy saving and much more.

for convenience
We install devices that can control the lighting system, air conditioning system, TV system, which can be controlled via mobile phone or voice. where we do not have to walk to that device.


to care for the elderly
Can install CCTV to talk and interact. To watch from applications or install Motion sensor enabled to turn on the light. When an elderly person steps out of bed, the light immediately turns on. Walking safely without the risk of falling at night.


energy efficiency
Our IOT Smart Automation solutions improve project system efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Automatically adjusts room temperature according to guest behavior and saves up to 30% energy.


Home entertainment
For example, order Internet radio to work in the room where the user is and turn off when the user leaves the room. Can set up the scene of the room, such as Party Scene, Movie Scene. Set the device to work according to the scene that the user has set.


We can check the status of electrical equipment that now forget to turn on the device or not, for example, leave the hot water plug in or not. Is the iron plugged in or not? You can controll the power cut from your mobile phone from the application.


For example, send/receive messages or commands between sender and receiver. For example, talk to people in the house through the Application to perform various tasks through the words that the user has set up.

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