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        HSTN has developed "ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV", the hotel IPTV system.To provide business service providers, hotels and resorts, both small (Boutique Hotels), medium-sized hotels Large hotel Able to upgrade their TV system to a more modern, Luxury, and affordable price based on the business size. To make an impression Let the guests stay in your hotel or resort. And can increase the potential to add value to the business with the functions that "ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV" can provide on the screen, such as an identifiable welcome message, direct delivery of product promotions for special guests. Personally, choosing to watch movies through Video On Demand function, ordering food through the TV screen, making business recommendations through Hotel Information or suggesting other services. Available in business Able to provide sharp images up to 4K UHD.

      "ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV" can be installed as a network (UTP) fiber optic cable. And we can develop the system to be able to work on the coaxial cable network.Without the need to change any network, "ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV" is compatible with any hotel management program (PMS) that opens APIs to connect.To connect traffic to review the service and summarize the costs And can work as Stand Alone as well for PMS.

ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV can choose the function of 6 languages to support tourists who come to stay.
Able to differentiate the service with a welcome message to identify the user via the TV screen, display the weather and date and time
ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV Customers can enter the media, advertising channels, public relations of the hotel. In order to enable customers to receive various information about the hotel, such as services, room types Or various promotions that the hotel has, etc.
ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV features such as channel numbering when turning on the TV. To set the volume when the TV is turned on Including the maximum volume And can use only one remote
Customers can choose to watch movies through the system. Video-On-Demand By charging a fee to the user As for this function, the hotel can arrange the movie group mode independently.
ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV also has a Music function available to customers who come to use the service. Customers can choose to listen to music through the TV screen in the guest room conveniently.
Customers can also conveniently order food through the TV. You can choose the food menu. And pay through the TV screen just by pressing the remote
ARISTA Pro Hotel IPTV Customers can also use the Hotel Service function via the screen. At the guest room at ease.
Whether it is a Room Service to call a maid, Service to call a taxi. Customers can wait on customers' rooms without having to sit and wait at the reception, Or Wake up Service function, customers can set the alarm time via the TV screen.
You can easily set the time, channel and volume of the alarm trigger.
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