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LG Pro:Centric Server

Create more value and express your business identity with the LG Pro:Centric Server, a Hospitality IPTV system that works with LG Commercial TV without an IPTV Set-Top-Box.

   The LG Pro:Centric Server IPTV System is compatible with coaxial cable networks in the form of the LG Pro:Centric V and can be used with LAN (UTP Cable) and Fiber Optic Cable systems. Both FTTx and HFC systems in the form of LG Pro:Centric Direct and LG Pro:Centric Server is currently available as a cloud service without the installation of a IPTV server in the form of the LG Pro:Centric Cloud Server.

LG Pro:Centric Server can accept a variety of TV input formats. Through the project's PMS connection, guests will be able to play Netflix without remembering their user data. Marketing or public relations recommending products or services of that business


The LG Pro:Centric Server brings guests closer to their business identity. From designing a theme to match the identity of the business, Surprise Welcome Guest when turning on the TV for the first time, Group TV Channel Management to sort different channels for different guests, Hotel Information to tells the story of the business recommending various services that guests can choose to use Including providing information about interesting activities during the use of services, etc.


LG Pro:Centric Server reduces maintenance time. And reduce costs in the long run. Channel Guide on the TV screen can display the order, program name and logo of the TV channel. This eliminates the need to change the program schedule table (Tent Card TV Channel List) when the channel changes. Updating themes and cloning channels when the TV is in standby mode are other tools that reduce work time and technicians from entering guest rooms.

LG Pro:Centric Server helps make service differentiated. 1-Click Service is designed to allow guests to request additional groceries from service providers such as additional pillows, blankets, soap, toothpaste, etc.

Choose to use the LG Pro:Centric Server designed and installed by HSTN, with more than 20 years of experience, being the only LG Excusive Partner in Thailand. To jointly develop the LG Procentric Server platform to make your service business confident in quality and after-sales service with premium service.

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