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Google Chromecast Solution

The Google Chromecast solution is not just screen mirroring, but is giving your customers Better enjoy videos, music and games on your TV. and while streaming Smartphones can also type messages, make calls or play other apps without interrupting what is playing on the TV screen and without draining the smartphone's battery while streaming.


The Google Chromecast Solution allows your customers to enjoy superior TV content through all programs. NetflixYoutube Disney+ iQiy iflix HBOMax ESPN or other music, games, sports and other content that you have subscribed to. can connect flawlessly by accessing various connections via your customer's smartphone Make your customers access to the content with maximum safety. without revealing any personal information

Simply by scanning the QR code with your smartphone, your customers can connect seamlessly through the Welcome page system screen, and your customer login can only be accessed by the Chromecast in their room. and after checking out The system will disconnect automatically to keep customers safe. In addition, you can make up the Welcome page Hospitality as you wish. add elegance Build trust for your business with no limits. Google Chromecast is the best value product for streaming content today. Easy to use and little investment. high security And enjoy with apps for almost every streaming service out there. Google Chromecast Solution will surely have everything for your service business such as hotels, hospitals, resorts and other service businesses.

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