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Analog & Digital SMATV CATV System
HSTN, the number one leader in professional design of centralized TV systems, MATV, SMATV, CATV, IPTV.

Currently, the TV system is centralized. Can combine analog TV signals digital tv signal And signals from more than 1 satellite dish can be transmitted in the same signal line. And has evolved into a centralized TV system like IPTV for specific businesses such as hotels, hospitals, etc. At the same time The network has been developed from coaxial cable to fiber optic cable and LAN cable, making it possible to transmit more and more data. The most important factor is that it can communicate in two ways, allowing other communication systems to be delivered together. For more than 25 years, the HSTN team has placed the utmost importance on research and development and has always adhered to the changes in the centralized TV system technology. Design and installation of centralized TV systems Analog & Digital MATV SMATV CATV, Hospitality IPTV makes us the number one professional in centralized TV systems in Thailand.

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Consultation, design, installation and improvement of SMATV systems, analog TV systems and digital TV systems according to IEC and ITU standards. Distributing world-class brand equipment. HSTN has experience in TV systems centralized SMATV MATV for TV systems in hotels, resorts, etc. more than 25 years with more than 800 customers. income

HSTN provides consulting, design, installation and improvement of Digital SMATV and Analog SMATV systems or parallel transmission of both Digital & Analog SMATV systems. The image is equally clear at every point. Highest clarity, 4K level, sort channels freely Able to design the network to distribute the signal cable as new/old coaxial cable, LAN cable or fiber optic cable, HFC and FTTx for all systems for digital TV system for older TVs. You can save money by not switching to digital TV by using a STB mounted behind the TV that we designed specifically for hospitality businesses and using a single remote. HSTN is a global distributor of branded SMATV equipment.
Headend SMATV MATV System for hotel & resort
Consulting, designing, installing and improving SMATV centralized TV transmission systems for hotels and resorts that are digital TV systems for new TV models. Analog TV system for older TV and digital TV transmission together with analog TV system that includes both digital TV and analog TV. in the same hotel or resort


Networks SMATV MATV System for hotel & resort

Consulting, designing and installing SMATV centralized TV networks for hotels and resorts. Coaxial cable network (RG6 & RG11 Coaxial Cable), fiber optic cable network (Fiber Optic Cable) and LAN cable (UTP Cable)

Commercial TV / Hospitality TV / Hotel TV for hotel & resort
HSTN is a distributor of Commercial TV / Hospitality TV / Hotel TV. Commercial TVs have different functions from home TVs. Hotels and Resorts Choose TV for Commercial Use to create value to create identity and be part of business public relations Commercial TVs are designed to have functions suitable for hospitality applications, such as branding business logos, building hotel information, and controlling channel numbers to allow guests to view the Hotel information channel every time they open it. Retuning the TV without entering the guest room volume control Connecting additional speakers The development of an IPTV system that does not require a set-top box Including onsite service warranty

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